• Saylor Doone

5 Current Selfie/Beauty "Tips" you're not getting away with

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

More people than you think will go to obnoxious lengths in their quest for the perfect selfie. From photoshop to slimming apps, we're all familiar with these methods. However, lesser known methods are out there, and while they may not operate on the same level of "selfie cheating" as photoshop, you'll see gals and guys everywhere employing them. Let's take a closer look.

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1. Fake Lashes.

Using these on a regular basis is the last thing you want to do. Besides accumulating infection-causing bacteria, fake lashes can cause allergic reactions as well. Wearing them for the sake of making it look like you have longer lashes defeats the purpose as no matter what the size, they look cheap and obvious and are expensive yet disposable. Try lash plumping serum instead. Stores like Sephora and Ulta Beauty carry an excellent selection of serums that are if anything healthy for your eyelashes. Skip the cheesy falsies and try serum, that way you can actually boast longer, fuller, REAL lashes that last.

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2. Pouting

Unless you've walked into a time machine and gone back twenty years, this one's a no. Trust me, you're not fooling anyone with that trick, it's desperate and borderline comical nowadays. Consider overlining your lips instead, or investing in some good lipstick. And if you can afford it, there's always lip fillers. It's time for duckface to be put to rest permanently.

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3. The Chin-Stretcher

This little maneuver is what we call it when you lean your neck against your hand, stretching your chin to create a slimming effect. This one's a dead giveaway for the simple fact that it's grossly overused. Basic bitches everywhere figured this one out quickly and as a result, social media is inundated in selfies of this kind. A less obvious alternative to this façade is plain old contouring/shading on the chin and neckline, which when done right creates an illusion that's just the right amount of subtle.

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4. Too Much Highlighter.

Barring any kind of artistic project or costume, this transgression is cheesy and yet frequently abused. Instead of using highlighter to accentuate a couple key spots, many choose to slather it all over. Not only does this require further use along the neckline and shoulders, but can give the illusion of being sweaty. Excess highlighter is also wasteful and rubs off all over the placed including onto clothing. All things considered, dabbing is the way to go: subtle yet effective. With the proper quality highlighter, a little bit should always go a long way.

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5. The Cropped Snapchat Filter.

As the picture above exemplifies, snapchat filters serve the purpose of lightening our skin, slimming our jawlines and brightening/enlarging the eyes, all while adding an appealing sparkle to the image as a whole. We're all guilty of indulging in this brief fantasy, of course. But how can one use such obvious filters and yet still be misleading? Easy: crop out the top. Believe it or not, an obscene amount of women resort to this tactic. By lopping off the most obvious portion of the filter, they try to pass the rest off as their real face. It makes for a false but attractive selfie. The question is: how far into fakery are you willing to go....for one little selfie?