• Saylor Doone

A Beautiful Horror: the Bolton Strid

Photo Credit: James Whitesmith/Flickr

The lovely, idyllic scene above may appear harmless at first, but rest assured: it's an infamous death trap that has claimed many lives in the past millennium. Located near Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire, England, the legendary Bolton Strid is a narrow stretch of the River Wharf. An incredibly strong undercurrent flows underneath. While the gap across the creek is only a "strid" or stride across, it's the curved, slippery algae and wet rocks that have been known to betray those crossing it. Numerous stories throughout history confirm the deadly nature of the landmark. One such account goes back to the 12th century, when a man named William de Romilly slipped and fell while on a hunting trip. More recent deaths have included honeymooners, tourists, children, and the people attempting to rescue them. Over the years, legends have been told of people and animals haunting the area. Of course, this has not been confirmed although some have disappeared while investigating the supernatural claims. It's generally assumed they drowned. Either way, one thing is for certain: to cross the Strid is to gamble with your life. So be warned. Should you find ever yourself in this breathtaking and fateful place, heed the nearby signs and keep a safe distance from the water.