• Saylor Doone

Celeb Fashion Hits & Misses

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

It's often that we spot an outfit we love, particularly in the celeb world. Usually carrying a steep price tag, these looks are as enviable as they are changing. We have the tendency to over examine what famous figures wear, and so when they wear something atrocious, we are doubly critical. Here are a dozen recent celeb fashion hits and misses.

Hit: Hailey Baldwin

We'll start with one of the best. Pictured above at the 2018 Met Gala, Hailey wore a gorgeous off white gown that showed off just enough leg to form a smooth combination of classy and sexy. Well done, Hailey!

Miss: Selena Gomez

Speaking of Hailey Baldwin, her fiance's famous ex recently wore this Coach number, which rather resembled a pilgrim mechanic's uniform. While surely an attempt at seeming avante garde, this indecisively metallic piece is a whole lotta NO.

Hit: Wendy Williams

How you doin? The TV show host dazzled in this waist tie dress, which fell somewhere between houndstooth and leopard print. Complemented perfectly by her necklace and shoes, this look was simple but effective.

Miss: Rihanna.

While there's something oddly likable about 75% of this piece, something about it just falls short. Whether it's the contrast in prints or color, we're not sure but as a whole, this dress is far from flattering on her gorgeous figure. Better luck next time.

Hit: Elsa Hosk

While taking a stroll, the Victoria's Secret model showed off her abs in this insanely cute ensemble. Yes, the pants have a hint of 80's flare, but we're digging the snakeskin pattern. The black crop top finishes it off nicely, creating a very chic look in general.

Miss: Kylie Jenner

The makeup mogul may be a trendsetter, but this is one hangar we'd leave in the closet. Assuming the painfully bright orange was chosen to match her cars, it still remains an aggressive attack on our eyes. To be fair though, it is pumpkin season!

Hit: Chadwick Boseman

It may show a lot of ankle, but the colors pair up beautifully in this recent look by actor Chadwick Boseman, down to the purple tinge on the shoes. The jacket playfully tackles a fall color theme by bringing it to life through tribal-style prints. Nicely done, Chadwick.

Miss: Rita Ora

Her silhouette may look flawless, but it looks like my three year old niece used up all her crayons on some cloth that was then stitched onto the singer. There is no piecing together the puzzle that is this onesie. Never confuse random with edgy.

Hit: Anfisa Arkhipchenko

On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, the reality star paired this black one piece with a matching robe, which set off the entire look spectacularly. While she and her husband may be controversial figures, there's no question about this fashion choice.

Miss: Farrah Abraham

While we're on the topic of controversial reality stars, let's examine the many WHY's of this outfit, chosen by Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. Between the vulgar text and sparkly sports jersey vibe, this one is a resounding NO.

Hit: Khloe Kardashian.

Say what you will about her family, but this KUWTK star knows how to serve up some summer vibes. Khloe's look is everything here with the way she paired a simple white bathing suit with a pastel tunic and large earrings to accentuate the whole thing.

Miss: Doutzen Kroes

We saved the worst for last, Whatever in heck model Doutzen was thinking when she stepped out in this, we'll never know. Perhaps she was late for her bowling club meeting?