• Saylor Doone

Rachel and Jun: the couple to watch

Photo Credit: @rachelandjun

Xenophiles and cat lovers rejoice! There's a youtube channel out there that is sure to never bore you. If you, like most sane human beings are into food, travel and cats, then theirs is the life to follow. Meet Rachel and Jun Yoshizuki, a Japanese American couple living in Aichi, Japan. The married vloggers, who met in school back in 2010, have since created quite the life together, the highlights of which they consistently document on their Youtube channel. They're proud owners of 3 hilarious cats, Poki, Nagi and Haku, all three of which are often featured in (if not the center of) their videos.

Photo Credit: @rachelandjun

One noteworthy aspect of their channel is the difference between Western and Japanese cultures. As they travel, cook, create and try new things, the couple does an excellent job of showcasing their respective cultural perspectives and experiences. Rachel herself is on point with her fashion choices and has added many an impressive shot to their Instagram. She often sports costumes, such as that of a koi Princess and looks beyond fabulous. Jun himself has long proven to be quite the skilled chef in his own channel, JunsKitchen. His creations are beyond impressive. Ever wanted to make sushi that looks exactly like a koi fish? Not to mention his precision and knife-techniques are award worthy. As are his dishes. In the end, this pair manages to achieve and share so much that being parents of three felines makes for what is surely a very happy handful. Head on over to their Youtube channel, Rachel and Jun, and their instagram, @rachelandjun, for all things funny, entertaining, delicious and adorable.

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